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Entry #13

Submitted shit to the art portal!

2009-07-05 16:34:08 by EgoistXIV

And waiting to get scouted. I'm so damn hyper about this.


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2009-07-05 16:52:44

I'm so hyper that I scouted you!

(Updated ) EgoistXIV responds:

Cheers! Although I still see myself as unscouted...


2009-07-05 17:13:26

ty ty ty ty ty ty

EgoistXIV responds:

np and screw too short answers


2009-07-22 13:19:28

I scouted you

You should look at my work :D

EgoistXIV responds:

Thank you.


2009-07-31 11:07:46

thanks a lot for scouting me!

EgoistXIV responds:

np illegal text