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And waiting to get scouted. I'm so damn hyper about this.


2009-03-23 04:45:30 by EgoistXIV

It's the local small grocery store where I'll be stacking shelves and carrying shit around for two weeks. 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Two breaks included. Sounds like shit? It does, but when I heard they pay you three hundred euros for ten days of afking, I decided to take that. I need the money for a new mp3 player and another 21 inch lcd screen.

The Jimm's PC Store shit

2008-08-26 10:44:00 by EgoistXIV

So I got the motherboard box today and it came with everything I was missing. Anyway, I'm quite pissed off because I had to spend two hours downloading drivers on my laptop and then installing them here. Fuck Jimm's, I'll shop elsewhere next time.

My new ASSEMBLY GAMER from Jimm's PC Store

2008-08-16 13:08:26 by EgoistXIV

So, I ordered a sweet computer from Jimm's PC Store maybe two weeks ago. GeForce 9800GTX, Intel Q9450, 1 TB HDD, 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM, Antec Sonata III 500 case and so on, for only EU899. I got it today, and everything is fucked up. The bastards delivered it without the main power cable (that goes from the PSU to the wall). Nor did it have any manuals or drivers or any possibilities to install them. IF I don't get them within a reasonable time, expect a lot of ranting and whining about Jimm's.

Clock fucking day.

2008-08-15 12:38:29 by EgoistXIV

Just a piece of shit. The portal gets loaded with hundreds if not thousands of crappy 0.5 kilobyte submissions and most of them won't even get blammed. I'm doing my best to crack this wave of shit but a voting power of 5.05 doesn't mean much. For fucks sake, disable content submitting for the duration of clock days.

And I got FREE tickets! The gig'll be on tuesday evening/night and I ain't gonna sleep that night!

It's over...

2008-08-04 19:14:32 by EgoistXIV

Actually, it ended on sunday, but I couldn't get my ass here before this 'cos I had slept like five hours in those three night I spent at Assembly.
Wish it was 2009 with a new Assembly already. There is of course the Assembly Winter but that's in the middle of fucking nowhere.

The new 3Dmark Vantage record has been broken here and the new record is 29439 marks. The world's fastest PC is tonight here in ASSEMBLY 08, Finland. Beat that.

More assembly

2008-07-31 12:06:46 by EgoistXIV

We just had the opening ceremony with some really nice demoskene presentations. It's awesome. Can't get any pics here yet, hopefully tomorrow we'll get a firewire cable for our camera.


2008-07-31 09:18:26 by EgoistXIV

I'm at the party and it's fucking awesome. All systems go, no problems and the party net downloads at about 2 megs/second. We're having a rick roll from a friggin poewrful stereo system practically next door, so the musical side kicks ass too. I'm preparing for a round or two of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory with my friends and other ppl at the PARTY. Expect to hear more.